Aria Sharma

Aria Sharma

Certified Yoga Instructor

Expertise: Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation & Holistic Health
Education: University of Colorado

Education History

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 500) from the Yoga Alliance
  • Master’s Degree in Holistic Health and Wellness from Naropa University

Aria Sharma

Yoga is my path to inner peace, and teaching is my way of sharing that journey with others. Through yoga, we can rediscover our strength, find balance, and nurture our spirits. My passion lies in guiding each student toward their own well-being, both on and off the mat, because I believe that a life lived in harmony is a life truly well-lived.

Career History

Aria Sharma is a dedicated and passionate yoga instructor with over a decade of experience guiding people on their journey to physical and spiritual well-being. Her career has been marked by a commitment to holistic health and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.

  • Early Teaching Experience: Aria embarked on her journey as a yoga instructor at a small local studio in Boulder, where she taught a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini. Her unique approach emphasized mindfulness, meditation, and the therapeutic benefits of yoga.
  • Founding Her Own Studio: Aria’s dedication and talent quickly gained recognition in the yoga community. In 2010, she opened her own studio, “Harmony Haven Yoga,” with a mission to create a space where students could find balance and inner peace. The studio has since become a beloved institution in Boulder, known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher: Aria’s passion for Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness led her to pursue advanced certifications in these areas. She became a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, specializing in the dynamic and flowing sequences that challenge and strengthen both the body and mind. Additionally, she delved deep into mindfulness practices, earning recognition as a certified mindfulness teacher.
  • Advanced Certifications: Aria’s commitment to continuous learning has led her to become a certified yoga teacher trainer, shaping the next generation of yoga instructors by imparting her deep knowledge and wisdom.
  • Community Outreach: Beyond her studio, Aria is deeply involved in community outreach programs. She leads free yoga classes for underserved communities and partners with local schools to introduce yoga and mindfulness to children as a means of stress relief and emotional support.

Aria’s personal journey to becoming a yoga instructor is a story of transformation and healing. Growing up in a bustling city, she experienced the stresses of urban life from an early age. As a young adult, she faced her own battles with anxiety and depression, which eventually led her to explore alternative healing modalities.

Her path led her to the University of Colorado, where she studied psychology and became fascinated with the intersection of mental health and holistic wellness. During her time at Naropa University, she deepened her understanding of Eastern philosophies and mindfulness practices.

Yoga became Aria’s refuge and salvation during these challenging times. She immersed herself in the practice, eventually deciding to become a certified instructor. Through yoga, she found not only physical strength but also emotional resilience and a profound sense of peace.

Aria’s personal journey is a central part of her teaching philosophy. She believes that yoga is not just about physical postures but also a means of self-discovery and healing. Her classes are known for their nurturing and non-judgmental atmosphere, where students of all levels are encouraged to explore their own paths to wellness.

In her free time, Aria enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains, practicing mindfulness meditation, and volunteering at local animal shelters. She lives in Boulder with her two rescue dogs, Luna and Bodhi, who often join her for outdoor adventures and inspire her to live a life of balance and compassion.

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