6 Fat Loss Motivation Secrets You Should Know

Weight Loss Motivation: 6 Secret Diet Tips

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Weight Loss Motivation

Powerful fat loss motivation secrets you should know to keep you motivated. Diet tips to make weight loss the easiest thing you do this year.

When it comes to fat loss, getting started is the easy part. Keeping your motivation throughout the journey is where the real challenge lies. There are bound to be ups and downs, successes and failures, on your road to a healthier lifestyle. It’s important to be able to keep moving forward.

People often have many reasons for wanting to lose weight. They may not like the way they look, may want to move better. Maybe they want to be able to play with their kids or be around for grandkids. Whatever your reason for shedding the fat, that’s a great place to start drawing motivation.

One reason may not be enough, though. Fat loss is a process and after a few months, its easy to lose focus on your “why.” That’s where these fat loss motivation secrets come in! These are proven methods others have used to successfully stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Keep one or a few of these strategies in your back pocket to reach for on days when your resolve is low.

1. Track your progress with MyFitnessPal

Tracking your progress is one of the best things you can do to keep motivated. Tools like MyFitnessPal make it easy to see just how far you’ve come.

MyFitnessPal functions primarily as a nutrition tracker, allowing you to see the quantity and quality of your food. Use this feature to make sure you are meeting your calorie and nutrient goals daily. Even this simple act has been shown to increase weight loss.

Even more helpful is the weight tracking feature of MyFitnessPal. It can be easy to get caught up in the number on the scale every day and not see the bigger picture. Log your weight weekly so you can see the overall downward trend and be proud of your progress!

2. Take photos of yourself, so you can visually see the progress

How often do you see incredible fat loss before-and-after pictures on the internet? Those transformations inspire us to achieve similar results. Why not use your pictures for the same motivation?

Snap a picture of yourself at the start of your journey. Ask a friend for help capturing the back and side views. Repeat this photoshoot monthly and compare the results. You may not notice changes day-to-day, but a picture is worth 1000 words. You’ll see just how successful you’ve been.  

3. Join a community of other people losing weight

Humans are hardwired for community. Use this to your advantage and join a community of others who share your weight loss goals. Hear from others who have been successful and learn from what has worked for them. Lean on them for encouragement when your own motivation is low.

As you build connections, you’ll feel more confident in your journey knowing you are not alone. There are many groups available to join on social media channels, through local gyms, or even among your friends. Find one that you mesh well with.

4. Make your journey public – added pressure.

If you feel comfortable doing so, consider making your journey public. This could be as simple as sharing your goals with someone you respect or telling your family what you hope to accomplish. To take this to another level, share your progress on social media or in a blog.

When people know what you are working towards, they can help you along the way. Friends, family, and followers can offer accountability. These people believe in your ability to succeed and you won’t want to let them down. A healthy dose of this pressure can be excellent motivation.

5. Celebrate more than just the scale

So many people on a weight loss journey gain a lot of motivation from the scale. This may work well for a bit, but eventually, almost everyone hits a plateau. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you aren’t getting healthier. It just means your progress is manifesting in different ways.

To stay motivated when this happens, look at other factors. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better or enjoying a better mood during the day? These are all signs that your hard work is paying off. When you feel discouraged, remember that not all victories are numerical.

6. Don’t forget to treat yourself

When all else fails, create your own fat loss motivation! Set incremental goals for yourself such as losing 5 pounds, or 10 if you’re ambitious. Reward yourself every time you meet that goal. Make your treats non-food-related so you don’t get in the habit of using food as a reward. Here are some ideas:

  • Add $5 to a shopping fund
  • Treat yourself to a manicure
  • Buy yourself flowers

Increase your rewards as your goals increase. Experiment with different goals and treats until you find a system that works for you.

We all need some extra motivation sometimes, especially when we’re trying to lose weight. Use these strategies to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

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