11 Tasty Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

11 Tasty Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight doesn’t mean killing yourself with flat or bland foods. Your weight-loss journey doesn’t have to be boring. There are tasty and healthy foods you can add to your diet and still promote your goal to reduce weight.

I’ve laid down 11 tasty foods that will spice up your meals and also help you lose weight fast.

1. Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of lean protein and healthy fats. Proteins take longer to digest thus keeping you satiated. When you’re full you’ll most likely eat less between meals.

Experts recommend 2-3 servings per week. A serving of farmed salmon fillet is close to 3.5oz which has 206 calories.

In addition to proteins, salmon are rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, and phosphorous.

2. Eggs

Eggs are quick and easy to make. They’re so versatile that you can have them as a meal or a snack. Whether scrambled, baked, boiled, poached, or fried, the choice is yours.

They’re super filling thanks to their high level of protein. This makes them perfect for a weight-loss diet ensemble.

The National Library of Medicine conducted a study on two groups of obese individuals. One group ate bagels for breakfast and the other group ate eggs at least 5 days a week for a period of 8weeks. The group that ate eggs for breakfast had 65% greater weight loss as compared to the other group.

You can add these delicious and healthy egg recipes to your diet plan.

3. Veggies

Having vegetables in your meals is a fast way to lose weight. They are high in fiber, low in carbs and calories. Their fiber content lowers hunger ratings. Through this, you’re able to limit calorie intake which will, in turn, help you lose weight.

They’re flavorful and healthy especially when prepared correctly. Here are some healthy vegetable recipes you can try.

Also, check out this video for additional vegetable recipes you make for weight loss.

4. Avocados

Avocados are among the healthiest and tasty fruits you can eat to reduce weight. They’re loaded with healthy fats, fiber, folic acid, and water.

Since they have high fiber content, avocados keep you full and satiated. This limits your food intake between meals which promotes your goal to lose weight fast.

5. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are good for weight loss and preventing weight regain. Their high level of protein suppresses appetite by keeping you satiated.

Proteins also boost metabolism enabling your body to burn more calories at a faster rate.

These recipes will help you prepare tasty and healthy protein shakes for weight loss.

6. Soaked Oats

Soaked oats are super healthy and rich in proteins and fiber. These two nutrients increase satiety and keep you full. When you’re satiated, you’re able to eat less in a day which enables you to reduce weight fast.

Soaked oats are far healthier than cooked oats. They retain most of their nutrients that are otherwise lost when cooked. These nutrients nourish your body and promote your overall health.

You can try these tasty recipes for soaked oats.

7. Raspberries

These sweet fruits are high in fiber, vitamin C, and water. Often used as a dessert, raspberries are super filling thanks to their richness in fiber and water.

These nutrients aids in weight loss, fight aging, and also reduce risks of cancer and heart diseases.

You can relish your meals with these low-calorie raspberry recipes.

11 Tasty Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

8. Sweet Potatoes

These delicious yams are high in fiber and vitamins. These also provide you with energy thus prolonging your workout-time.

Whether boiled or baked, sweet potatoes contain fibers that help in weight loss. There are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.

9. Lean Meats

Lean meats, more so from grass-fed chicken and grass-fed beef, are high in protein, healthy fats, and low in calories. These healthy fats reduce inflammation that could hinder weight loss.

Their high level of protein promotes satiety that reduces food cravings. This enables you to reduce weight.

They also contain antioxidants that protect your cells from free radicals. These free radicals pose the risk of arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.

10. Asparagus

Asparagus are tasty and easy to add to your weight-loss diet. They’re low in calories and nutrient-dense. These nutrients include Vitamins A and K, folate, fiber, and potassium.

Besides helping you lose weight, asparagus lowers the risks of depression, heart diseases, stroke, and hypertension.

11 Tasty Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

11. Apples

Just like any other fruit, apples are a healthy addition to your diet plan. Their high fiber and water content make them super filling and satiating.

You can always get creative and add them to your meals. Whether in salads, smoothies, or soups, their high fiber and water content will help you shed off excess weight.

Final Thought

Nutrient-wise, these tasty foods will enable you to lose weight and relish your meals. Still, take these foods in moderation, as excessive consumption would be bad for your health.

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