11 Weight Loss Tips for Morbidly Obese Women

11 Weight Loss Tips for Morbidly Obese Women

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Weight Loss Tips for Morbidly

Discover how to lose weight quickly & safely when you’re morbidly obese.

If you’re morbidly obese, losing weight means reduced risks of heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure. It will also improve your emotional well-being and your social life.

11 Weight Loss Tips for Morbidly Obese Women

I’ve laid down 11 weight-loss tips that will help you lose 100 lbs or more.

1. Seek medical advice from your doctor

Before starting any weight loss program, it’s advisable to consult your doctor first. He/she may recommend medication or a diet that may work for you.

Your doctor may also provide you with the safest level of physical activity that you should embark on, given your health, as some exercise can worsen some health conditions.

2. Understand progress will take time

Losing weight takes time, especially if you’re morbidly obese. And even with exercising and dieting, you may realize you are losing a few pounds per week against your expectations.

“Losing weight slowly, but maintaining that weight loss is better than losing and regaining it due to eating and exercise habits you can’t maintain,” Dr. Elizabeth A. Lowden says.

As long you’re committed and consistent with your weight-loss plan, how fast you lose weight should not worry you.

3. Find a support network

A weight-loss support group may be what you need to keep motivated. They help a lot in keeping you on track and encouraged.

Here, you can share your achievements, failures, or frustration without being judged. And by listening to other people’s experiences, you’re able to know how you’ll go about challenges.

4. Start moving more

Body movements, no matter how small they’re, can help in weight loss. It turns out you can lose 350 calories per day while fidgeting.

Do small movements now and then. You can run up in your place or do star jumps during commercial breaks while watching your favorite TV shows. You can also take a walk instead of taking your car while running errands, which are less than a mile away.

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5. Plan a new healthy lifestyle, not a crash diet

Since you want to lose weight rapidly, crash diets are a no-no. They may help in losing weight fast, but the results are short-lived.  

Crash diets slow your body’s metabolism and may thus cause weight to regain. They are also said to harm your heart, cause cardiac stress and dehydration.

Instead, plan a healthy lifestyle. It should include healthy diets that meet your caloric needs, be active and reduce alcohol and sugar intake.

6. Don’t cut your calories too much

It would be best if you didn’t cut too many calories as you may get too hungry. This could make you grab something unhealthy that could hinder weight loss.

Again, it may be hard to meet your nutrient needs. Caloric needs depend on how much you weigh. A morbidly obese person has higher caloric needs, which should be met for your wellbeing.

According to Dr. Eckel, “Reduce calories by 500 calories per day to lose about one pound a week, or cut 1,000 calories a day to lose about two pounds a week.”

7. Swap unhealthy snacks with delicious healthy snacks

Avoid processed snacks. They usually have added/hidden sugars, which are linked to heart diseases, weight gain, and diabetes.

Instead, go for low-fat and low-calorie snacks such as mixed nuts, edamame, dark chocolate, kale chips, and a whey protein shake.

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8. Get more sleep

Having quality sleep is important for weight loss. Recent studies have shown that poor sleep is a risk factor for weight gain. It affects hormones that control hunger leading to increased appetite and hunger.

It would help if you also got checked for sleep apnea. It’s a sleep disorder that mainly affects people with obesity and interferes with breathing while you’re asleep.

9. Drink a lot more water

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. It may limit unnecessary eating between meals.

It’s also a detoxifier that improves your energy levels, improves digestive health, and aids in weight loss.

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10. Consider Weight-Loss Surgery

If you’ve tried out all the means to lose weight in vain, you may want to consider weight-loss surgery.

Studies have proven weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery as an effective way to reduce body mass index. It has also been used to treat type 2 diabetes.

11. Be realistic with your goal setting

Realistic goals are more rewarding and encouraging to meet. This enables you to lose weight, as you have the motivation to do so.

A study linked having realistic weight-loss goals to long-term weight loss. Goals that are above your capability will you with frustrations and failures. You might even slack off, which is not an option here.

Weight Loss Tips for Obese Women (Lose Weight Quickly & Safely)


As we said earlier, being morbidly obese poses many health risks from cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea to diabetes. Losing these extra pounds is the best thing you can do for your health. Follow the above tips and always be consistent with your weight-loss plan.

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