The 12 Best Yoga Videos on YouTube (Great Workout)

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Best Yoga Videos on YouTube: 12 of the finest yoga videos, the greatest classes, and the top YouTube channels follow to ensure you have the best yoga workout every day (beginner-friendly).

YouTube yoga videos have taken the world by storm. If you don’t already have a favourite YouTube yoga channel saved onto your favourites tab, you will by the end of this article.

From yin yoga to restorative yoga to vinyasa yoga to hatha yoga to Kemetic yoga, there’s a good reason every second friend you chat to is practising this art form of exercise. Quite simply, the benefits are enormous. Yoga is known to improve your mental health and wellbeing as well as help with weight loss and overall body fitness.

Whether you choose to lay your mat out after a long day at work or before the sun rises with a morning yoga practice, yoga can have a significant impact on your mood and health.

Which Yoga YouTube Channel is Best?

Depending on whether you’re looking for a strenuous workout or a grounding flow, there are tons of channels and videos catering to different needs on the internet.

The best yoga channel on YouTube is Yoga with Adriene. Not only because she instils a sense of calm in me from the moment she starts to speak, but because she provides a well-rounded variety of videos on her channel.

Whether you are experiencing pain in your lower back, are craving a good stretch or need a full-body workout, Yoga with Adriene has you covered.

Is 15 Minutes of Yoga a Day Enough?

If your aim is to get super fit or lose weight, I would recommend doing between 4 and 5 hours of core or power yoga each week.

However, if you’re after a relaxing grounding session, 15 minutes of restorative yoga or stretching each day can add huge value to your mental health and wellness.

Yoga practices are known to be deeply calming and increase positive vibes all around. Better yet, yoga can be a life-long practice that you can modify to suit your body and fitness as you get older.

What are the Most Effective Yoga Classes?

Not only is yoga incredibly good for the mind, soul and body, it’s also a workout that you can do just about anywhere there is enough space to roll out a yoga mat.

On top of this, it’s really easy to find good YouTube yoga channels to guide you through your at-home practice. In my opinion, the most effective YouTube classes are full-body workouts. These physically demanding flows include core vinyasa flows and acro yoga for more advanced yogis, and ashtanga and Iyengar for beginners.

If you want to break a sweat, follow along as we uncover the 12 best yoga classes and YouTube yoga channels with the world’s best yoga teachers across the internet:

1. Beginner Yoga with My Peace of Mindfulness

If you’re a yoga newbie, My Peace of Mindfulness is the Youtube channel for you. Primarily a mindfulness & meditation channel, they also have a range of beginner yoga classes with professional teachers.

2. Morning Vinyasa Burn with Yoga Dose

Yoga Dose self-defines itself as ‘the place to get strong, and stay flexible’. And really, isn’t that what we’re all here for? While many yoga teachers add in a few relaxing breathing practices and yin flows, Yoga Dose is all about the burn.

Watch this video, and scroll through their list to find some intense morning yoga workouts which will get you ready for the day. While you don’t have to be fit or flexible to try these flows, you should definitely be ready to sweat it all out and feel the burn!

3. Total Body Yoga Flow with CosmoBody (and Tara Stiles)

Dive into the week with this total-body flow. Cosmo Body was created by the Cosmopolitan conglomerate to influence their following to keep fit without having to spend time at a gym, or paying high membership fees.

The platform collates tons of videos put together by a variety of personal trainers and yoga teachers. This 30-minute workout is one of my favourites because it’s quick, and is all about letting go of your day so far.

If you’re struggling with procrastination or motivation, this video will help you reset and recenter for the rest of the day.

4. Deep Stretch Yoga by Yoga with Kassandra

Stretching is essential for good health. In fact, keeping flexible can help your body protect itself from certain injuries and pain. It is also known to improve your posture and balance and therefore increase your overall physical strength.

Flexibility is exactly what our bodies need to help our sore ligaments and creaky joints out. Not only will this video by Yoga with Kassandra make you feel like you’ve just had a deep-tissue massage, but it will also increase your overall fitness levels.

5. Yoga for Back Pain by Yoga with Adriene

It’s no secret that Yoga with Adriene is my personal favourite yoga teacher and personal trainer. She runs the best YouTube yoga channel for anyone looking for a wide range of yoga practices, from beginner through to advanced poses.

Many of her home yoga videos put a focus on different parts of the body. For example, this video is crafted for beginners and will help relieve lower back pain. It’s basically like a free physio session, and even if you feel too sore to get moving, this video will leave you feeling relieved of your pain.

6. Lengthening Yoga and Guided Meditation Practice with Caren Baginski

Yoga is all about taking a holistic approach to life, and it goes without saying that eating properly, doing exercise and keeping your mind active through meditation go hand in hand for a successful yoga journey.

Caren Baginski’s channel curates guided meditation videos together with full workout classes. This video is a great combination of the two and will help you feel more relaxed and grounded, while also helping you break a sweat.

7. Basic Yoga for Complete Beginners by Yoga with Adriene

Calling all yogi beginners! Yoga with Adriene is a great YouTube channel that guides a wider audience through yoga practices.

Don’t get me wrong, Adriene is known for making that booty burn, and can definitely turn up the heat in more advanced sessions, but many of her classes are catered to beginner audiences. This flow is one of them.

Adriene herself is super down to earth and will make you feel at ease from the moment you unfurl your mat. On top of this, she’s clear and concise when she speaks, and will easily guide you through this beginner practice with her calming voice.

8. Power Vinyasa for Increased Energy with Briohny Smyth at Alo Yoga

If you’re after a solid free workout, we have you covered. Briohny Smyth works out of her flagship studio in Beverly Hills, but if you would rather practice over the web, this 30-minute vinyasa flow will be sure to raise your heart rate.

Power vinyasa is basically vinyasa, just sped up (and often done in a hot studio). It offers a cardio workout and is great for endurance and strength training. Aside from the obvious health and wellness benefits, vinyasa yoga is known to help increase your stability and balance, and lower your overall stress and anxiety levels. Sounds like we could all use one of these sessions!

9. Acro Yoga Beginner Flow with Koya Webb

While you might not believe acro yoga to be an option for beginners, this flow was designed for first time acro’s. In fact, one of the partners in this video has never done acro yoga herself. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Aside from her free video content, Koya also does private coaching for anyone interested in acro yoga. This type of partner yoga depends entirely on trust between two people and is a great exercise for an open heart.

Not to mention, it’s clear that it’s also a strong workout that requires a bit of flexibility, and will help increase your overall fitness if practised continuously.

10. Morning Yoga for Flexibility with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a yoga instructor and the founder of Strala Yoga. Strala is a series of yoga studios and an online database that posts videos ranging from relaxing meditations to tai chi to body positive yoga.

Although she charges a fee to access her platform, she does also have a YouTube channel where she posts quick 5-10 minute flows for anyone to do for free.

This practice is great for improving flexibility in the morning and will help open up your neck, spine and hamstrings after a long sleep.

11. Pilates Inspired Yoga Practice by Move with Nicole

I like to think of yoga and pilates as siblings. They both offer some of the best low-impact workouts and if practised together, can have a range of benefits for the body and mind.

Nicole McPherson is a barre and pilates instructor with a passion for yoga and all things fitness. She posts videos and classes on her channel that fuse these three workouts together, creating the ultimate workout that will get you fired up for the day.

12. Full-Body Core Yoga by Yoga with Tim

This YouTube channel posts free weekly videos that yoga instructor Tim claims will not only keep you fit and healthy but also change your outlook on life. Tim helps to guide you through your spirit voyage, from refining your breathing techniques and focus to ensuring your muscle alignment is perfect.

In this full-body workout, Tim uses the whole body and puts special attention on alignment in his poses. After all, yoga is all about alignment. Once you have that pinned, the fitness will follow!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, these yoga videos will be sure to give your body just what it needs. Grab your mat and get moving!

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